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Founded by Rod Whinfield in 1984, Whinfield Electrics has been providing quality and reliable electrical services for over 25 years. Whinfield Electrics is renowned for its wide-ranging and professional services across industrial, commercial and domestic electrics.

Melbourne’s leading supplier of temporary power equipment, Whinfield Electrics specialises in the installation and hire of electrical equipment. This includes all temporary power requirements from construction, refurbishment to power pole installation.

In 2009, several members of our staff became certified eco-smart electricians, embracing the shift toward a green energy future. Our team of qualified and experienced electricians can fulfill your electrical requirements with professionalism and ease.



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Moreland Business Newsletter


Moreland Business Newsletter - Issue 7 Autumn 2012


Rod Whinfield using a circuit breaker Rod Whinfield burrows under the Familari house with 10mm cable Rod Whinfield test circuit breakers circuit breaker

Memory Lane Antiques & Lighting

Memory Lane Antiques & Lighting

At Memory Lane we sell quality period style lighting and are very protective of our reputation built up over 25 years of business.

When one of our customers asks for a recommendation for an electrician to use we have no hesitation in putting forward the name of Rod Whinfield from Whinfield Electrics and are never disappointed.

Not only do we not get complaints but our customers ring us to praise the efficiency, competence and attitude of the Whinfield Electrics tradesmen. They are always sympathetic to the needs of the customers, turn up on time and get the job done.

For this reason Memory Lane only recommends Whinfield Electrics.


Steve Chandler

Memory Lane

Williamstown Maritime Association

Williamstown Maritime Association

Williamstown Maritime Association
Nelson Place,

Dear Rod,

My board has asked me to pass on their appreciation for the way your company carried out work on our site in 2008 and your ongoing association with us.
The supply and installation of bollards to our pier required considerable expertise and the ability to work from the water by small boat made it very demanding.
As well your company's work on our heritage listed tavern, required an appreciation of the unique character of the building.
Your team has applied themselves to both jobs in a very professional manner and our association is fortunate to be able to call upon you when required.

Many Thanks

Geoff Dougall

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